How It Works

Below find information on how Succeeding at Work Language Stream works for Ontario employers and employees.

Free Training Available in seven languages

SAW Language Stream provides training in seven languages but we also ensure close captioning (subtitles) for those who may have hearing difficulties or auditory processing sensitivities.

Succeeding at Work (SAW) Language Stream

Succeeding at Work (SAW) Language Stream is a 1-year program developed to address the limited English Language literacy and proficiency skills for New Canadians and the immigrant workforce in Ontario’s food and Beverage processing industry.

Applications for participants begins January 2021. The SAW Language Stream program will provide 20+ Ontario food and beverage companies and 300 employees with skills training opportunities through proven online courses in seven different languages. 

Increased food safety and workplace safety regulations coupled with new COVID-19 protocols requires employers to upskill and reskill their workforce rapidly. With a large immigrant workforce, food industry employers must ensure non-English speaking employees fully comprehend their job requirements, safety information, and changes to protocols. Lack of comprehension may result in these individuals being sidelined and not able to achieve career advancement due to the additional effort in keeping them informed. This is an industry issue across Canada that is especially prevalent in Ontario — home to the largest number of food and beverage processing businesses and a destination for immigrants and New Canadians.

Program Benefits

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Removing Barriers...

Removing barriers in education and skills training opportunities

There is no cost...

There is no cost to you or your company just a willingness to work hard and a commitment to be better

28 hours of...

28 hours of Self-paced learning, and Online training valued at $23,850 per employee

Increasing Food Safety...

Increasing Food Safety and Workplace safety regulations according to the new protocols

Leading industry experts...

Leading industry experts will share best management practices and lessons learned for program participants

30-45 days to complete...

30-45 days to complete and achieve graduation packages

Chromebooks available...

Chromebooks available to participants who need them while quantities last

Participants have an opportunity...

Participants have an opportunity to practice scenarios and test their knowledge before taking it to the floor.

We make it easy...

We make it easy with a customized online learning portal for your company to house reports and updates on employee progress.

The Process

Program Evaluation

To assess how participants experienced increased industry and local labour market employability skills as a result of the program, Food Processing Skills Canada has engaged researchers to complete the analysis. SAW Language Stream will conduct in-program and post-program multilingual surveys and evaluations with employees. Employers will also be asked to provide input. 


At the end of and after successful completion of this programme the participant will have earned their certificate. Don’t stop here. Learning is lifelong!

The Certificate will allow you to advance more quickly in the Canadian work environment.

Mapping curriculum to the Learning and Recognition Framework

The training curriculum of the Succeeding at Work (SAW) Language Stream is built on Food Processing Skills Canada’s Learning and Recognition Framework. The courses have been selected from the Workplace Essential and Foundations Levels and proven to facilitate learning and improved job performance.

Click here to view courses in the SAW Language Stream program curriculum.