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Food Processing Skills Canada is supporting food and beverage manufacturing in Canada and people in the industry’s workforce with new training offered in 7 languages.

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“Research has shown that language barriers are preventing New Canadians and recent immigrants from succeeding at work and participating in education. By providing multilingual training in essential and food safety skills we are supporting not only Ontario food and beverage processors with their immediate skills gaps, but improved productivity, workplace safety and morale, in addition to labour force diversity and inclusion.”

Jennefer Griffith
Executive Director


Online learning in 7 languages

Designed for new Canadians

It can be difficult to integrate into a new culture and a new workplace, especially when language is a barrier. To support education for all people working in the food and beverage manufacturing industry, Food Processing Skills Canada has developed Succeeding at Work Language Stream.

This exciting new program is assisting Ontario employers with multilingual training for employees eligible to work in Canada. After all, our industry is incredibly vibrant and diverse employing more immigrants than any other manufacturing sector. Together, we can continue to support each other.

Online Learning Benefits

What are the benefits of online learning?

More Flexibility

By learning online, you have the flexibility to do all the work at your own pace. If you meet the deadlines and activities, you will be successful in the online course. Therefore, this represents less intensity and pressure than face-to-face courses.

Availability to review the topic

You will have the opportunity to review a topic as many times as necessary for greater clarity and development of the topic.

More responsibility

For online learning, the employee requires an organization untouched by distractions to successfully achieve the objectives of the course. It may seem difficult, but the responsibility is the key to learning and improving essential skills that the face-to-face course. In other words, the virtual course helps us to be more responsible and organized workers.

Improve digital skills

Another benefit of participating in the virtual program is that apart from expanding your knowledge and skills. You also begin to adapt and master the digital field that will help you increase your confidence and productivity in the work environment.

Equal opportunity

Having the possibility of accessing online courses selected by the employer ensures that employees receive the same training consistently and accurately, with the advantage that they can improve their upskills and reskill within their workplace.